Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to questions that we receive frequently from clients and partners during development.

What is FormDr Open Application Programming Interface?

FormDr Open API is a great tool for customers and partners to streamline data transfer and more.

What are some things that the API offers?

  • Gather submission data
  • Create a prefilled submission and send to patient
  • Update a submission, data and files
  • Delete a submission
  • Generate a PDF of a submission
  • Generate a list of forms that belong to a practice

How does FormDr charge developer accounts?

Each call has a charge of 1 cent, however, there are certain calls that have a different charge. See table below for more information:

Endpoint Charge (cents)
GET /practice/{practiceId}/submissions/{submissionId}/pdf 2
POST /practice/{practiceId} 1 – 5 *

* This endpoint includes the option to send a submission link to a patient via email or text, each option costs 2 cents and the end point has a charge of 1 cent.

Who has access to use the API?

FormDr approves requests on a case-by-case basis. We do a thorough review of how the API will be used and work closely with our Customers and Partners to ensure all necessary guidelines are applied in the development process.

How can I test against test data?

After getting approved by our team, we will reach out to you with a sandbox account info that
lets you access our development server.

Where can I submit questions or bugs?

All questions and bugs should be submitted to our support team at